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Jane Kim / Thrust Projects
114 Bowery #301, Between Grand and Hester, 212-431-4802
East Village / Lower East Side
January 16 - March 8, 2009
Reception: Friday, January 16, 6 - 8 PM
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Jane Kim / Thrust Projects is pleased to present KITTEN, a collaboration of sculpture, photography, and works on paper by interdisciplinary artists Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, and John Patrick Walsh 3, opening Friday January 16th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm with a performance by Walsh 3 at 7:00 pm.

KITTEN: A cat playing with a string covered in feathers, swatting a lifeless creation.

If we are seeking clarity through an interaction, whose clarity could that be? It is only the layers of the object in the end that become clear. The object gains its density with narrative and experience; we simply do not escape this trope. What is needed is a witness, a lens, an opening. Through engaging our practice from the position of performance a mode of work is developed which objectifies the final artworks as well as the mode of their production. A small door carved out the bottom of a bigger door. Moving through waves of intuition is the artist’s body in a prepared state, in a mode of rehearsal, in the production and performance of our artworks.

John Patrick Walsh 3 rolls on the stick, his feet sliding on his own artwork. Repositioning the object though a performative action continues to place the thing within the realm of performance but also pushes the act of renaming and repurposing. It is a dream of sustainability through production, a cycle that completes itself through practice. - Where did you put that? The sculpture, the pole - over there by the door, - woah, ack wohhh awwww (SLAM)

Andres Laracuente produces objects as they fall from a future contemporary life. These things are extensions of a young man’s life—objects that race through their own relations, between biography and poetics.

How can we present an object without explicitly expressing its situation, thus limiting its potential, its possibilities?

The artworks presented by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy are a continuation of a movement in a dance. As an artwork progresses and finds its culminating moment, its physical representation manifests itself though various mediums. So that the way in which the object presents itself is actually a continuation of a performance; as an idea moves through a studio-through a physical space-the object becomes a figure or a pose, the embodiment of a concept. Can you see the body of the dancer who moves through the studio? As though the art object was caught in a photographic blur capturing the possibility to expose a fluidity of perception.
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