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Alexis Duque, El Dorado

Praxis International Art
541 West 25th Street, 212-772-9478
February 5 - March 12, 2009
Reception: Thursday, February 5, 6 - 8 PM
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Praxis International Art is proud to present El Dorado, recent works by Alexis Duque (b. Medellín, 1971).

Alexis Duque’s paintings stand between the rational and imaginary and are often blended with a tinge of humor. The images represent clouds or floating clusters, amorphous contours that fit any shape confirming their adaptive ability. Some of them emerge, seeming to spread out of the canvas. Others burst out (from bottom to top) creating pyramids and domes whose foundations are never seen, all being improbable invasions like an inverted Dorado. El Dorado, the title of a painting by Alexis Duque which depicts a working class quarter, ironically refers to the famous legend which enticed conquistadors to search for a city of gold in the area of Colombia and the Andes. (1)

Born in Medellín, Alexis Duque currently lives and works in New York City. He has exhibited in his native Colombia, Europe, and throughout the US. This is Duque’s first solo show at Praxis International Art.

Praxis was founded in 1977 and has since evolved into a leading contemporary Latin American art gallery. Starting in Buenos Aires, Praxis aimed to spread the richness of this diverse and dynamic culture throughout the world. The gallery’s mission is to bring the compelling creativity and imagination of Latin American art forward to a worldwide audience in exhibitions throughout its network of galleries.

[1] Excerpt from El Dorado by Claire Luna, 2009.
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