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Zach Needler, Moment Magnitude

Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street, at Broome, 212-244-6004
East Village / Lower East Side
February 12 - March 15, 2009
Reception: Thursday, February 12, 6 - 9 PM
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Christopher Henry Gallery is proud to present its first solo exhibition of paintings by Zach Needler. Entitled, Moment Magnitude, the exhibition presents new works that focus on the ideas of destiny and the inconceivable through painting.

Needler describes his work as “Semi conceptual idiosyncratic geomorphic abstraction,” geomorphic being the combination of geometric and biomorphic. They are tableaus of multi-layered streams of consciousness – dynamic, obsessive, and contemplative. There is a presence in the depths, an unspoken dialogue that taps into universal understandings, what Ouspnesky calls the Absolute. There is no reckoning required – they are Here and Now. They embody that indescribable matter that exists between everything and nothing.

Needler’s inspirations cover the spectrum of experience from the physical to the emotional. From noise, architecture, and angles to sarcasm, the obscure, finding the right within the wrong, and contradictions, nothing is denied entry into the fertilizer of his mind – they are assimilated into an innovative vision of abstraction – dynamic compositions that map out our multi-layered reality while creating new ones. Needler makes the intuitive a reality and gives the work rhythms and a dialogue that set their pace. Using a palette of strong, assertive colors and layers of transparent paint, morphing shapes, and varying vantage points the artist combines these elements to form an intuitive dialogue that is succinct, consistent, and cohesive. Through this process Needler reveals each paintings unique personality, its title while also revealing the possibilities of the intuitive as a way of being.
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