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Dean Project
45-43 21st Street, 718-706-1462
Long Island City
February 19 - March 22, 2009
Reception: Saturday, February 28, 6 - 8 PM
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We are thrilled to announce a special two-gallery collaboration between Crossing Art, Flushing Queens, and DEAN PROJECT, Long Island City Queens, in presenting the group exhibition RoCoCoPoP.

Please join us Saturday February 28th from 6-8pm at the exhibitions opening reception held at the Crossing Art gallery. Following and as part of the Armory Arts Week programming DEAN PROJECT’s opening reception will take place on Friday March 6th from 6-9pm.

RoCoCoPoP explores ideas of lavishness, excess, desire and frivolity that characterized the Rococo movement in the 18th Century by examining how contemporary culture has adopted these qualities by means of consumerism, mass reproduction and celebrity-mass media. The exhibition will include works by Linda Ganjian, Sandra Bermudez, Aaron Krach, Chad Curtis, Margaret Lanzetta, Barbara Weissberger, Yasamin Keshtkar, Jesse Small, Keer Tanchak, Holger Keifel, Rob Raphael, Carl Eckhoff, Ori G. Carino, LazerHappy, Abshalom Jac Lahav, Jeremiah Teipen and Eun Young Choi.

The international success, popularity and mark that the 18th century Rococo aesthetic left on generations of artists can perhaps only be matched by the Pop Art phenomenon. Although both of these movements share equally in their popularity and aesthetic influence, their intentions and audiences seemingly fall on opposite ends of a broad spectrum. The works selected for this exhibition survey imagery and themes associated with both eras and bridge elements of the social classes associated with each.

All the artworks included in RoCoCoPoP are either part of a limited edition, series, and commissionable-based works or are mass-produced. This conceptual platform, taking its cue from within the Pop Art movement and driven by recent high market demands has inevitably begun to shape new modes of contemporary art production. Thus the exhibition questions how these patterns and working methods have redefined and challenged the concept of originality. RoCoCoPoP examines contemporary art production while looking to engage the wider inclusive audience contemporary art benefits today.
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