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Juan Doe, Made in Brooklyn

Eastern District
43 Bogart Street, 718-628-0400
February 27 - March 22, 2009
Reception: Friday, February 27, 7 - 10 PM
Web Site

“Made In Brooklyn”, denotes the aboriginal, solitary, artistic representation of works and amalgamated concepts of visual retort for the artist and word-mongering engineer, Juan Doe. Created under the auspice of super-heroes, giant-bio-luminescent sea monsters and hydroponic chambers of restituted imaginations, the show collects a sampling of the deep and resonating influence of the comic book art form into the hybridized confluences of painting, writing and story telling.

Amidst the umbrella of the jazz-like-bebop-staccato-strains of the comic book art form, the works range from over-sized, narrative paintings, uprooted from the constraints of printed proportions and exorcised to life with enamel and hand skills, to conceptual constructs of systematic word play, to portraits of satirical messiahs, to a collection of printed comic book covers depicting the heroes of Marvel comics lore and short stories of wife-abusing robots and self-aggrandizing reflections of pure ego. The pieces are created from the recesses of the underground to the hysteria of the mainstream. A kaleidoscopic array of color, movement and heady stylings, made in a vestibule of secrecy… made in a borough of a great city that never sleeps… made in a comic book panel named Brooklyn.

A Marvel comic artist and receiver of the BRIO Award on 2006 and again 2008, this is a rare opportunity to see Juan’s art in a gallery setting as a solo exhibition.

In the artist’s own words: Juan Doe is ! an idea freighted in a vessel of biological myth. A paramount investigator of life’s encryption and armed with an array of code-breaking assets, he exists as an artist with no supplication for anything but his dreams, imaginations and rhetoric of experience emboldened through a hallucinatory approach to image-making. He can be found in the catalogue of forgotten legacies, reflecting his inner depth, and telling stories by the campfires of history using magical words as the bait of entrapment. He is also a proponent of pints, painting, process and comic books. He lives and works in NYC and loves punching the back of necks.
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