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Cecilia Jurado, Oral Fixation

355-A Bowery, 212-925-3890
East Village / Lower East Side
March 8 - April 12, 2009
Reception: Sunday, March 8, 8 - 10 PM
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EVA New York is pleased to present its first exhibition, Oral Fixation by Cecilia Jurado opening Sunday, March 8 during Armory Arts Week. Curated by Adriana Farietta, Oral Fixation is the culmination of Jurado’s photographic series “Oral Cute” using blurred supermodel portraits to interrogate our longing for beauty by placing it beyond reach yet making it highly consumable. For this exhibition she has photographed several models at fashion shows in NYC. The show includes Swiss chocolate bars that Jurado has packaged with the images. Chocolate represents consumption as the ideal luxury food.

During the opening, a special performance with model, Marie Hansen, will take place. She will be covered in chocolate and will invite the audience to taste.

“When art gets in bed with fashion, it’s often worth watching just for what each reveals about the other…Cecilia Jurado uses her camera and her chocolates in tandem to destabilize our experience of fashion and art and taste, exploring the superficiality of meaning and the meaning of superficiality in part by inviting the viewer to imagine just how those girls would taste…Jurado’s work moves us beyond a simplistic analysis of art and fashion using each other in a cynically reciprocal folie à plusieurs. Cecilia’s purposefully unfocused and doctored images have a subtle, corrosive effect on ideals of beauty, playfully working away at received iconography in a way that doubles back and makes us aware of our desire as the only constant in the fashion equation.” (Richard Dailey)
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