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Malcolm Stuart, Pattern People

Eye Level BQE
364 Leonard Street
March 7 - April 12, 2009
Reception: Saturday, March 7, 8 - 11 PM
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Malcolm Stuart lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His work is a continuum of painting, costume, makeup and performance. Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Malcolm has spent the better part of his life straddling the worlds of visual art and dance performance. Over the past several years, he has carefully woven the two together through the creation of costume and makeup for performances, but it wasn’t until his development of the air brush that his two dimensional forms could seamlessly merge with flesh and clothing. Having collaborated with Asume Vivid Astro Focus and having exhibited work at Deitch Projects, this will be Malcolm’s 2nd solo show.

For “Pattern People” Stuart goes beyond the surface world of the individual and temporal. Malcolm’s themes are in themselves repetitious. Animals, monsters, disremembered human parts, and botanical elements form an elaborate visual blanket that lends itself to 2D paintings, clothing, furniture and objects. These incarnations are stimulating in their own right, but their combination forms the act of camouflage and allows the assumption of identities blurring the boundaries of the wearer through aggressive visual stimulation as opposed to an assimilation of proximate colors and patterns.
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