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Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, 2nd Floor, 718-388-6780
March 6 - April 4, 2009
Reception: Friday, March 6, 7 - 11 PM
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F**KED UP reflects the world we live in at this time, a world at war and with national economies in ruin – mayhem.

“There will be several things happening at the same time that night and it should be fun. So come along and have a drink and be in the performance” – Rodney Dickson


PERFORMANCES by: QUEEN BEE BAR GIRLS: TAEKO SUZUKI, HISA YAMAMOTO, YEONNIE KIM, JEANNE LEE SVETLANA ZALUTSKAYA (manager) HIGH-TEEN BOOGIE (music) WINDYHILLMILL (music) THERESA MAGARIA (hostage) HIEN DAO (performance art) MYK HENRY (director of card game) ERIK HOKANSON (meat cooker) PETER KASTNER (condemned mans’ final meal cooker) MARIA JOÃO SALEMA (director of digital fighting images) TIM HAILEY (director of digital motorcycle racing images) PETER KASTNER (performance – US Cook Book) SERRA SABUNCUOGLU (performance) TRONG NGUYEN (performance)

Camera Work By Mary Sue Connelly, Dennis Williams, Moira Tierney, Serra Sabuncuoglu, Trong Nguyen, Kacper Dowlatowski, Emily Jane Potter Technical Direction By Room 404 Media

RODNEY DICKSON grew-up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during ‘The Troubles’, (a period of terrorist activity and political strife in that country) His work has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally and he has worked in Asia frequently since 2000, especially in Vietnam.

Sponsor: Annie Adjchavanich
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