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Bruno Peinado, Big Bang

Parker's Box
193 Grand Street, 718-388-2882
March 7 - April 5, 2009
Reception: Saturday, March 7, 7 - 11 PM
Web Site

Bruno Peinado is delighted to announce a solo show by Bruno Peinado. The French artist has made his name for reveling in the contradictions of meaning and non-meaning, and the imagery and symbols of the contemporary world absorbed into his own special blend of personalized cultural iconography. Regular visitors to Parker’s Box will remember his aluminum cutout Dreamcatchers, (that mix the form of the native American ritualistic object with ornamentation inspired by corporate and commercial logos); or his installation, Lo-Revolution (with a series of Silent Titanium Billboards- advertizing lightboxes that carry no message and just pulsate gently like a sleeping AppleMac waiting for instructions).

It’s not surprising then, that Peinado should delight in the multiple connotations of the idea of the Big Bang, both in its many inherent and essential contradictions, as well as the explosion of metaphors that it conjures. It won’t be lost on Peinado, for example, that the initial architect of what today is the most scientifically recognized theory of the origins of the universe, was a Catholic priest by the name of Georges Lema├«tre. This fact adds further delicious richness to the Big Bang, endowing it with scientific spirituality that is perhaps as striking and apt as the very idea of a microdot of intense anti-matter exploding to make the matter of the universe. The stimulating cocktails possible through transformation, mutation and m├ętissage are always the tools of Peinado’s trade.

So, as the world we know comes close to simultaneous implosion and explosion, Peinado’s exhibition promises a “monumental” installation that may just invade viewer consciousness on multiple levels.

Bruno Peinado was born in Montpellier, France in 1970 and lives in the small fishing town of Douarnenez, Brittany. He gained recognition in Europe through major solo shows such as those at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris or the Migros Museum, Zurich. He is represented in Europe by Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris; Galeria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy; Mitterand and Sanz, Zurich; and ADN Galeria, Barcelona, as well as Parker’s Box for the USA.

Bruno Peinado’s work will also be visible at The Armory Show, Pier 94 (Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris- Stand 1316)
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