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On the Ideal of Penetrable Barriers

Art in General
79 Walker Street, 212-219-0473
Tribeca / Downtown
March 20 - May 2, 2009
Reception: Friday, March 20, 6 - 8 PM
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Dave Hardy, It’s grey, it’s grey Sixth floor front gallery

Dave Hardy’s sculptures present the familiar anew creating objects stripped of their utility and reconditioned as strange propositions. It’s grey, it’s grey plays with the ambiguity of the re-contextualized, using the language and techniques of mass production in the construction of unique hand-made pieces. In a parody of roadside signage, fluorescent light leaks through geometric gaps between black styrene shingles that are piled across the sign’s face: a faked surface obstructing a potentially subjective interior, a lighted sign full of blanks that advertising nothing, a leaking barrier, a constellation that does not keep the outside out or the inside in.

John Hawke, Michael Konrad, Virginia Poundstone, Actions for Urban Spaces Sixth floor back gallery

Actions for Urban Spaces critically explores the built environment, examining the relationship between the results of institutional decision-making and the actual public use of urban spaces. While not working as activists per-se, these artists situate their works within the public realm, directly confronting their subject matter, picking apart the ways in which we mentally and physically construct, utilize, and abandon the built environment.

Yoshinori Niwa, Transforming puddle A to puddle B A/V Elevator

Yoshinori Niwa’s video documents a public intervention in which the artist uses his body as a means by which to transport water from one street-side puddle to another. Touching on taboos regarding the public and the personal, the polluted and the sanitary, the east and the west, Niwa posits a simple action as a profound meditation on negotiating individual, cultural, and physical boundaries.

Amy Yoes, Street-level Storefront Project Space

Through a series of video projections and architectural interventions Amy Yoes considers the contradictory nature of storefronts as physically inaccessible but publicly present spaces. Focusing on the windows as thresholds between the interior and exterior or the public and the private, she projects animations into the public realm during the evenings via these portals while constructing architectural projections that allow a view into the interior of the space in the daytime.
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