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Tyrome Tripoli, Found Architecture

M55 Art
44-02 23rd Street
Long Island City
April 4 - April 19, 2009
Reception: Saturday, April 4, 5 - 8 PM

Tyrome Tripoli works in Bushwick, Brooklyn as a full time mixed media sculptor creating installations as well as executing architectural metal work commissions. Tripoli’s Found Architecture at M55 Art is grounded in his interest in creating sculpture that mimics the urban setting in which he works. His new sculptures re-vision various urban icons. Tripoli’s “skyscrapers,” assembled plastic, wood and metal “garbage” fastened simply with a few screws, evoke a city with tall, tenuous futuristic architecture made from banal objects of the past.

“De-contextualizing objects from their original purpose as well as emphasizing the negative spaces in forms fascinates me,” explains Tripoli about his mixed media sculpture in Found Architecture. “Made from a deco 1950s vacuum cleaner, disparate objects form a factory building of the future. To highlight the old world craftsmanship and to accent the balance between objects, space, the past and the future, is the essence of my work.”

In 2001 Tripoli participated in the San Francisco Refuse and Recycle Artist in residency program. It was there he discovered the potential of working with mixed media and creating conceptual sculpture. Focusing on assemblage sculpture and installation, Tripoli collects found objects from the streets of Brooklyn and masters his creations in a garage studio in Bushwick while also fabricating large metal pieces in New York.
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