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Another 24 Hours


Museum 52
4 East 2nd Street, at Bowery, 347-789-7072
East Village / Lower East Side
March 17 - March 27, 2009
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For its final show in its current space Museum 52 New York will be giving away the space in 24 hour slots to a series of artists. The artists have been given full reign except the time limit: 10 am – 10am the next day. The results, time based and temporal, will reflect a sense of immediacy, expansion and creativity inherent in time-based work.

The show will be underlined by a City Harvest Food Drive, which will take place during the event days (11- 6pm). All non-perishable donations are welcome and encouraged. We must reach a total of 50lbs of food.

Museum 52, London will continue to exist at its current location, 52 Redchurch Street, London. Museum 52 New York will have a roaming, project-based presence between now and the summer before finding a new space later in the year.

WEEK ONE: 17th – 20th MARCH

TUESDAY, MARCH 17TH MASTERCLASS/GAMEFEED by M.A.R.T. PRESENTED BY DAVID BROOKS & KEVIN ZUCKER The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (MART), founded in 2004 by artists Sarina Brewer, Scott Bibus, and Robert Marbury, will perform a ‘Masterclass/Gamefeed’, a tradition popularized by taxidermy schools in the Northwoods. MART will demonstrate the skinning and preparation of a small game animal for taxidermy mounting. As is customary in this tradition, the animal that is being prepared for mounting will also be prepared (from a separate carcass) for consumption by the audience. It is also customary for a Vegan option to be available.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18TH 7:30PM WORLD PREMIERE: BUOY SEOUNGHO CHO Seoungho Cho will screen a series of films dating back to 2003, climaxing with his most recent work ‘Buoy’ (6:21 color, sound). Seoungho Cho is a 2008 Artist Fellowship recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). This presentation is co-sponsored by Artists & Audiences Exchange, a NYFA public program. Produced by Namsik Kim, Soundtrack by Stephen Vitiello.

THURSDAY, MARCH 19TH 6PM – 7PM MARK & STEPHEN BEASLEY Mark Beasley is an artist and curator and his brother Stephen Beasley is an artist and architect. Past projects include The Propmakers, MOT, London (with Russell Oxley), Beasley Street at Camden Arts Centre; The Thinking (with John Russell and LA film-maker Damon Packard) at PS1/MOMA, New York and Hey Hey Glossolalia at the Stanley Picker gallery, Kingston University, London. Mark Beasley is currently a curator at Creative Time, New York.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20TH 11AM – 9PM PETER SIMENSKYA DAY TRADING For A DAY TRADING Peter Simensky will host a market in two parts – the first being a Swap Meet, the second a Neutral Capital / Art exchange. These two markets will be staged on the top and bottom floors of Museum 52 respectively. The Swap Meet invites all parties to bring art works, unwanted art supplies, collectables, a song, services, baked goods, etc. to informally trade between parties. The Neutral Capital / Art exchange invites artists to sell their projects against Simensky’s Neutral Capital currency – and participate in an ongoing alternative collection economy.

WEEK TWO: 24th – 27th MARCH

TUESDAY, MARCH 24TH 7PM SCREENING CHERYL DONEGANSTOP ME IF YOU THINK YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE (21 mins. Based on Andy Warhol’s film, ‘Nude Restraint’, 1967). “I am fascinated with Viva’s monologue in this film. I think I talk too much, especially when I am nervous. The art world makes me nervous. I’m not an actress and I wasn’t sure what to say so Viva’s monologue seemed perfect. Warhol said her voice was the most mesmerizing and grating he had ever heard. So I cast myself as Viva, and my 9-year-old son as Taylor Mead. It’s just Mom in the kitchen, serving up a hot dish of cool leftovers.”

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH 11AM – 8PM MICHAEL MAHALCHICK MAKES A MOVIE Artist Michael Mahalchick invites everyone to help him make a movie in the gallery over the course of the day. Participants are encouraged to bring props and costumes and will interact with each other. The narrative will unfold with each new visitor.

THURSDAY, MARCH 26TH 11AM – 6PM JACOB ROBICHAUXINVITATIONAL PERFORMANCES During his solo show at Museum 52 in 2008 Jacob, whose interest in performance is shaped by his childhood experiences as an amateur magician, invited friends and artists to perform with one of the four floor-based sculptures in the show. Participants randomly selected a sculpture with which they were to perform. Jacob invited others to explore his materials and objects with the same compulsive drive to continually generate meaning through activity and play. His invitational at Museum 52 will follow similar lines of activity.

FRIDAY, MARCH 27TH 12PM – 9PM SARA GREENBERGER RAFFERTY & KYLE RAFFERTYRESPITE AND REFLECTION Depression Bake Sale: baked goods that are good for the mood will be sold throughout the day. Screening Space: will feature an all-day and evening program of art and non-art videos/films relating to food, comedy, and reality. Co-programmed by Sara Greenberger Rafferty and Kyle Rafferty.
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