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Egan Frantz, Jashin Friedrich, YoYo Friedrich, 482 Broome Street

Dinter Fine Art
547 West 27th Street, 3rd Floor, 212-947-2818
March 17 - March 28, 2009
Reception: Saturday, March 21, 11 - 1 PM
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DINTER FINE ART is pleased to present the exhibition 482 Broome Street, featuring new work by Egan Frantz, Jashin Friedrich, and YoYo Friedrich.

Egan Frantz, Jashin Friedrich, and YoYo Friedrich live and work at 482 Broome Street. While they do not constitute a formal collective, these independent authors are family. The title 482 Broome Street arises from the artists’ particular desire to join and reflect on the position they share in respect to the processes of their own production. To exhibit their work for the first time in a singular context is to glance at the poetics in the heart of shared common ground. Even when we think we are working alone we are working with collaborators.

YoYo Friedrich, born in Berlin, Germany, studied in Munich and Paris before moving to New York. In 1972 he moved to 482 Broome Street where he began employing The New York Times, among various forms of popular, printed matter. Treating passages, photographs, typographic characters, and the material support as pigments in their own right, YoYo Friedrich’s art is a lesson in associative reading/seeing. Stille, March 2009, runs up the wall, curls against the ceiling, rolls down to the floor and toward the viewer. His work has been exhibited at Gladstone Gallery, P.S.1 MoMa, Prisunic, in New York City, and most recently, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Cologne, Germany.

Jashin Friedrich is a young artist who studied art and critical theory at Hampshire College under Robert Seydel. She graduated in 2007, exhibiting her thesis exhibition Sea/Shift, a dialogue of the shaping of present being and desire as both precision of ancestral inheritance and also the bereavement resulting from the coming-to-know what that inheritance consists of. At the center of her work is a kind of metaphysics of the image; for her, it nominates meaning on the one hand, and cancels it out with the other.

Egan Frantz is a young photographic artist. He will graduate from Hampshire College this spring where he, too, studied under Seydel. The work seen here arrays the constituents of two works in his larger body of thought titled, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. This intermediary form is but a moment in the life of the work, a letter in the word. He has exhibited in previous group shows at Dinter Fine Art and also produced a project for the online “Project Room” (, please see “previous projects”) titled “To Spring a Leak in the Subject: Part 1”, January-February 2009.
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