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Alexa Horochowski, Unnatural Horizons

Praxis International Art
541 West 25th Street, 212-772-9478
March 26 - April 25, 2009
Reception: Thursday, March 26, 6 - 8 PM
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Praxis International Art is proud to present Unnatural Horizons, an exhibition featuring new videos, sculptures and paintings by Alexa Horochowski.(Argentinean, 1965)

In Unnatural Horizons Horochowski works around the subjects of storytelling and the subconscious and transforms the characters from her paintings into three-dimensional objects that exist within the horizon of the gallery, where floor meets wall. The unnatural scale of the objects, the reduction of color, the pairing down of the objects in each landscape suggest the limits and artifice of perception as well as our own psychological complexities, and potential for imagination. Limited sets comprised of familiar objects present a sublime suburban horror whose roots lie in the traditional fairy tale.

Horochowski was raised in Patagonia and currently lives in Minnesota. She earned a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Michigan and has exhibited in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and in many major American Cities, among which stand the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This is her first solo exhibition with Praxis International Art in New York.

Praxis was founded in 1977 and has since evolved into a leading contemporary Latin American art gallery. Starting in Buenos Aires, Praxis aimed to spread the richness of this diverse and dynamic culture throughout the world. The gallery’s mission is to bring the compelling creativity and imagination of Latin American art forward to a worldwide audience in exhibitions throughout its network of galleries.
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