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\/1R7U4L1|\|$4|\|17’/ (Virtual Insanity)

Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Avenue, 718-388-2311
March 20 - April 19, 2009
Reception: Friday, March 20, 7 - 10 PM
Web Site

Lucky Dragons, Michael Bell-Smith, James Howard, Olaf Breuning, Kathy Grayson, Jill Magid, John Michael Boling and Tiffany Malakooti

Curated by Maxwell Williams

A group show exploring intimacy through technology and how it allows us to entertain, communicate and create digital debris as well. Features 12 works by 8 artists that range from video to radio, painting to sculpture.

Gone completely virtual. When happy, call it digital bliss. When sick, blame hackers; run anti-virus programs. If it’s viral, buy it with invisible credits. Lives are lived on chips/even the chips are somewhere else, in some mountain of hardware out west. Broken harddrives are eulogized, summer is a series of fun 0s and 1s, bathing suits are pop-up windows, pop-up windows need windex. Google us, facebook us, technorati us, aim us, spyware us, digg us, us, meme us, spotify us. Youtube nights. Cybersquatters rights. Digital debris. Futures made of virtual insanity now always seem to be governed by this love we have for useless twisting our new technology oh now there is no sound for we all live underground.
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