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Lennart Grebelius, Sperm Count

The Phatory
618 East 9th Street, between B and C, 212-777-7922
East Village / Lower East Side
May 1 - June 7, 2009
Reception: Thursday, April 30, 7 - 8 PM
Web Site

The Phatory LLC is pleased to announce an installation by Lennart Grebelius.

In Grebelius’ second show at The Phatory entitled Sperm Count the focus once again is on quantifiable facts that astound by virtue of their enormity. In this instance, Grebelius challenges viewers to consider the number of sperm a male can produce over a lifetime as compared to the number of eggs a female can release. The ramifications of this enormous sperm-to-egg ratio are considerable in light of the possible number of combinations that could result. That visualizing these vast numbers can be mind boggling and quite titillating is an effect not lost on Grebelius. The gallery, populated with various versions of these ambitious tail chasers in action via video, wallpapered walls and in books, is for the visitor like being the object of a reproductive frenzy.

Grebelius lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and has long been involved with conceptually-based work that explores sociopolitical issues on the one hand and mathematical structures. He has received many web award for his online pieces and his thematic installations have been widely exhibited in museums across Sweden including the Nartual History Museum of Gothenburg, the Rydal Museum, the Borås Artmuseum, and the Umedalen Skuptur/Sandström Andersson, Umeå.
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