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Fairy Tale

AG Gallery/About Glamour
107A North 3rd Street, 718-599-3044
May 8 - June 21, 2009
Reception: Friday, May 8, 7 - 10 PM
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Audrey Russell, Cynthia Ruse, Joshua Field, Lisa Olson, Roland Lusk, Wei-Hui Hsu, Yura Osborn

In this exhibition, artists interpret the concept and history of “Fairy Tale”.

A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature folkloric characters such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, giants, and talking animals, and usually enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. In modern-day parlance, the term is also used to describe something blessed with princesses, as in “fairy tale ending” (a happy ending) or “fairy tale romance”, though not all fairy tales end happily. Colloquially, a “fairy tale” or “fairy story” can also mean any far-fetched story. In cultures where demons and witches are perceived as real, fairy tales may merge into legendary narratives, where the context is perceived by teller and hearers as having historical actuality. However, unlike legends and epics they usually do not contain more than superficial references to religion and actual places, persons, and events; they take place once upon a time rather than in actual times.

About the Curator: Tomoko Ashikawa, curator at AG Gallery, has broader curating experiences at several galleries in New York City and Tokyo, including Artists Space (NY, NY), PH Gallery (NY, NY) and AG Gallery (Brooklyn, NY).
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