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Red White Blue


Spencer Brownstone Gallery (39 Wooster)
39 Wooster Street, 212-334-3455
July 7 - August 13, 2005
Reception: Thursday, July 7, 6 - 8 PM
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Featuring: David Adamo; Richard Agerbeek; Heather Allen; Isabel Asha; Hernan Bas; Tom Borgese; Ian Burns; Joseph Burwell; Joshua Callaghan; Alejandro Cardenas; Aimee Cavenecia; Julia Chiang; Anne Colvin; Bjorn Copeland; Michelle Cortez; Jeff Davis; Pia Dehne; Rory Donaldson; Adriana Farmiga; Edy Ferguson; Ciara Finnegan; Naomi Fisher; Greg Foley; Michael Foronda; Fintan Friel; Jeff Gabel; Hope Gangloff; Christopher Garrett; Amy Gartrell; Cindy Greene; Seamus Harahan; Jennifer Herrema; Lori Hersberger; Saoirse Higgins; Katie Holten; Jess Holzworth; Gordon Hull; Tim Hull; Nancy Hwang; Taka Imamura; Jo Jackson; Daniel Jewesbury; Ryan Kearney; Amanda Keeley; Zilvinas Kempinas; Rosalie Knox; Darren Kraft; Erin Krause; Cherie Krause; Greg Krum; Sadie Laska; Little + Furgason; Andrea Longacre-White; John Lurie; Susan MacWilliam; Doreen McCarthy; Ronan McCrea; Glynnis McDaris; Mikey McDougal; Mathieu Mercier; Carlyle Micklus; Donna Nield; Monika Norwid; Patrick O’Dell; Paul O’Neill; Mark Orange; Graham Parker; Kembra Pfahler; Adam Raymont; Andre Razo; Athena Razo; Judy Rifka; RURAL; Carolyn Salas; Frank Santoro; Jason Search; Ian Sevonius; David Sherry; Simone Shubuck; Theo Sims; Dennis Spina; Peter Staley; Lyle Starr; Eddy Steinhauer; Spencer Sweeney; Anthony Titus; Oxsana Todorova; Kon Trubkovich; Alan Vega; Walker and Walker; Grace Weir; Dirk Westphal; Letha Wilson; Mike Wilson; Scott Wolniak; Ju Yeon-Kim.

Curated by Erin Krause, Sadie Laska and Mark Orange.

More than 90 artists have been asked to choose one or more of three colors— red, white or blue—and create a work that is predominately that color or that refers to that color. There are no limitations or parameters to the size, subject or medium of the works. The exhibition provides a platform for an exploded view of nationalist symbolism and a celebration of the gloriously skewed ‘old glory’ that is art-making.
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