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476 Jefferson Street, Suite 211, 718-938-8434
June 5 - July 12, 2009
Reception: Friday, June 5, 7 - 9 PM
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Privateer presents Haunts: A group exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography and video. Haunts features artists who utilize a broad range of mapping strategies to investigate sites present and past, in both physical and psychological terms.

The collection of works explores multiple readings of the word haunt and dissects the underlying properties each share to produce a centralized locus of interest. Place is elucidated in a number of ways, from an invisible trace inscribed by history, to articulated remnants of activities no longer seen. The allure of these forms, not only their relation one to the other, but their distinct quality which we do not share, reveals our motivation to place a marker in this most abstract construction, the time continuum. However, their elegance lies in the nature within which they are secured in the fabric of history. Their dialogue engages future and past, sent forwards and backwards, immersed in a route we cannot travel as realism holds us captive in an ever-present. These Haunts speak to the intrusion of events and lives on the undeniable reality of the present and their exclusion from it.

Michael Banicki Francesca Berrini Dike Blair Nina Katchadourian Joerg Lohse John Mann Ward Shelley Wolfgang Staehle Barry Stone Ian Umlauf
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