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Lauriston Avery, New Work

Hogar Collection
362 Grand Street, 718-388-5022
June 26 - August 3, 2009
Reception: Friday, June 26, 6 - 9 PM
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The Hogar Collection is most pleased to announce the debut solo exhibition of new paintings by Lauriston Avery. His bold and mysterious works explore concepts, fascinations and philosophies of supra-natural and phenomenological sublimity. Probing the boundaries where abstraction, formalism, chance and non-specific narrative invoke and conjure the realms of little black holes, Avery’s work is like a sort of monastic journey with goals that seek to understand age-old collective mysteries and specifically, the rumination of the beginning and the end of our ego’s existence. Mysterious, meditative and reflective, the paintings foremost qualities grapple with formalistic issues of color, harmonical relationships and overall “natural flow”. They exude metaphysical auras and illustrate mystical atmospheric lights that contain a certain spiritual beauty of awe and are inspired from the magnificence of celestial sightings such as aurora borealis, UFO’s, staring at the sun and phantasmagoric energies to name a few. They seek to examine the macroscopic regions of introspection, like looking through a high powered telescope at an undiscovered universe, or for that matter, into a dimensional fold and into a wormhole for a glimpse at future fate or to see the spark of the so-called beginning of our conscience existence.

Lauriston Avery was born in 1968 in Connecticut and currently lives and works in New York. His works have been exhibited in group shows at 31 Grand, NY, HERE Art Space, NY, Next Art Fair, Chicago, Participant Gallery, NY, The Hogar Collection and others. Lauriston received a BFA from The Maryland Art Institute.
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