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X: 10th Anniversary Exhibition


Mixed Greens
531 West 26th Street, 212-331-8888
July 9 - August 18, 2009
Reception: Thursday, July 9, 12 - 6 PM
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Trinity: Neo…nobody has ever done this before. Neo: That’s why it’s going to work. —The Matrix (1999)

Mixed Greens is thrilled to present X, our tenth anniversary exhibition. Back in 1999, Paige West (our Neo) founded Mixed Greens as a place to support emerging artists. What began as an online-only entity has, over the last decade, organically morphed into a traditional gallery. We’ve pioneered gallery e-commerce, traveled shows, orga¬nized panel discussions, hosted events, and produced educational catalogs in an effort to push the boundaries of what a gallery can do.

We currently represent 22 artists, but over the years, we’ve worked with over 100 artists at varying stages in their careers, and (call us crazy!) we’ve decided to put them all in one BIG anniversary show. With X, we present a large selection of the many amazing artists with whom we’ve been privileged to work. Their techniques and subject matter vary widely, but all of these artists captured our attention either by their extraor¬dinary use of materials or through their deep examination and investigation of their subjects. There is no theme uniting the 84 participating artists—the only common denominator is Mixed Greens. Some might call it narcissistic. Others nos¬talgic. We consider it to be a celebration of some of the best artists working today.

Participating Artists

Noriko Ambe, Chris Ballantyne, Luke Barber-Smith, Rachel Beach, Sonya Blesofsky, Rob Carter, Zoë Charlton & Rick Delaney, Soyeon Cho, Jinkee Choi, Rob Conger, David Coyle, Lisa Coulson, Shoshana Dentz, Andy Diaz Hope, Thomas Doyle, Alessandra Exposito, Ken Fandell, Howard Fonda, Linda Ganjian, Tamara Gayer, Susan Graham, Susan Hamburger, Kimberley Hart, Krista Hoefle, James Hyde, Brian Jobe, Sarah Kabot, Marguerite Kahrl, Kim Keever, Sun K. Kwak, Jim Lee, Drew Leshko, Zane Lewis, Joan Linder, Holly Lynton, Giles Lyon, Virgil Marti, Yumiko Matsui, Christina Mazzalupo, Ryan McGinness, Adia Millett, Mark Mulroney, Russell Nachman, Rob Nadeau, Frank Olive, Coke Wisdom O’Neal, Soner Ön, Stas Orlovski, Eric Payson, Mia Pearlman, Paul Plante, Anne Polashenski, Don Porcella, Amy Pryor, David Rathman, Trevor Reese, Andrew Scott Ross, Laurel Roth, Kammy Roulner, AA Rucci, Carol Salmanson, Jason Severs, Rudy Shepherd, Jean Shin, Alyson Shotz, John Slaby, Joseph Smoli nski, Zoe Sonenberg, Amy Stein, Lee Stoetzel, Julianne Swartz, Ann Tarantino, Craig Taylor, Dannielle Tegeder, Mary Temple, Austin Thomas, Leah Tinari, Kako Ueda, Carlo Vialu, Connie Walsh, Daniel Wiener, Dina Weiss, Dirk Westphal
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