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Margaret Evangeline, I Feel It in My Bones

hpgrp Gallery
32-36 Little West 12th Street, 2nd Floor, 212-727-2491
Greenwich Village
July 8 - August 15, 2009
Reception: Thursday, July 9, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

Hpgrp GALLERY NY is pleased to announce an exhibition of the paintings of noted artist Margaret Evangeline. The exhibition ” I Feel It in My Bones ” will take place at the gallery from July 8 to August 15 2009.

Margaret Evangeline’s exhibition “I Feel It in My Bones” at Hpgrp GALLERY NY contains paintings on canvas completed over the?past two years. The artist recalls in her statement various influences among them being in London for her River Thames installation when Lehman Brothers collapses, the impact of a visit to the Hubble Project, the death of artist Grace Hartigan, and the impact these influences have had on her return to oil paint on canvas. Included in this exhibition are the new painting “A Migration of Monarchs” (2009) and paintings from the “Magic Spells” series of 2008, the “West Village Garden” series (2008), and “Bones”, (2008), works shown December 2008- May 2009 in New Orleans’ Ogden Museum of Southern Art as part of a large survey show of Evangeline’s work from the early eighties until now. In all of their luminous and spindly variety, these paintings are dazzling and measured in their coloristic sensuousness.

The hallmark of all high cultural achievement is its unpredictability and vibrancy, its sense of estrangement, even of itself. At the center of Margaret Evangeline’s aesthetic is the sensation that the work, in its diverse formal characteristics such as color, differing use of volumes, patterns, textures and various markmaking devices, is mindful of addressing how things connect, how they absorb, dissolve, take the place of. Supersession is a key element in the work as a whole. One can detect an ongoing set of internalized visits and studio chats that Margaret Evangeline has been having with Gustav Klimt, Antoni Gaudi, Philip Guston, Mary Heilmann, Brice Marden, Raoul de Keyser, Terry Winters. Keeping company with such guests indicates the artist’s attraction to organic systems that are porous, interconnected and frayed. Evangeline has said, ” it’s erotic, this desire for what you don’t know, you are an outlier, spinning sensually with what you do know and don’t know, looking for equilibrium…” Evangeline’s worlds re-imagine the science and poetry of decay and growth, creating what she terms “erotic uncertainties” that arise when a singular circumstance has been exploded into multiple components, each part competing for dominance.

Margaret Evangeline’s imagery bears down on the twin feelings of sadness and of celebration to induce what the Elizabethan philosopher Francis Bacon in his day termed “…an excellent beauty” which can only be abetted by “… some strangeness of proportion.”

Copies of the essay “The Bones, They Do Chatter” written expressly for the Evangeline exhibition at HPGRP Gallery by critic Dominique Nahas will be available to the public at the gallery.
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