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Forever Neverland and the Handmade Pinata Show

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Ave
July 12 - July 27, 2009
Reception: Sunday, July 12, 4 - 8 PM
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Secret Project Robot and Live With Animals are pleased to present Forever Neverland and the Handmade Pinata Show- A summer group show of cotton- candy forrests and gumdrop sunsets, forts in the sky, caves, tea parties, pinatas castles and friendly monsters with many eyes. A land of spleandor and immagination where you will never grow old… An experiment in art, friendship fun and teepees…

Forever Neverland is a show in which we have joined artists whose keen imaginations are able to transcend the usual boundaries of not only the gallery but adult thinking as well… The hope is to create our own version of neverland where each artist’s work will interplay with the other artist’s- creating a dynamic and beautiful montage of the child’s mind as interpreted through the eternally young.

Forever Neverland will be an installation of interactive playthings made in intensive concentra- tion and craft-such that you make when you are lost in a world as a child that becomes far more real to you than this one- for instance, cardboard castles, clouds, googley eye creature friends, sunsets, mud pies, train cakes, paper airplanes, models, snowflakes, Costumes…

The goal is not to create childlike art but to recreate the intense feeling of making your own world as a child… All the art as opposed to standing alone will be fused into a place bigger than ourselves a Forever Neverland.

For this show over 10 artists have made art with the intense purpose of interaction between not only the other artists but also the public. None of the art will simply hang on the wall, unless it is surrounded by another universe that has been created. It’s about working together to make a more beautiful and interesting art piece/world than the one in which exist.
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