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Group Exhibition

Dutch Kills Gallery
37-24 24th Street, Suite 402, 718-784-2737
Long Island City
August 8 - August 30, 2009
Reception: Saturday, August 8, 6 - 9 PM
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Dutch Kills Gallery is pleased to announce:

Mira Aldridge experiments with photography with an unpredictable humor. Kit Brown combines tangible images from the outside with the memories and events of his life. Like an alchemist searching for the perfect element, the search itself is the goal. The outcome is the strange, discordant resonance produced by recycling and combining media.

Graciela Cassel presents her work as a poetic object. Like feminine desire, it functions as a critical but allusive enemy within systems of power and knowledge Whitey Flagg is inspired by the cartography of subjects relating to human impact on the environment and data visualization techniques. His works are a hybrid of physical and conceptual space.

Herman James is informed by the environmental degradation created by our global emissions into the atmosphere. Most recently he’s undertaken a study entitled “Loaded Landscapes” exploring psychological aspects of the representation of landscape and their connections to our deepest impulses, aspirations, and ambitions.

Loli Kantor explores the transitions of contemporary Jewish life and culture in Poland and Ukraine. Kantor is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Tucker Schwarz utilizes thread and fabric to generate images based on photographs intertwined with personal memory, serving to trigger our memories and speak to our collective feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. His 3-dimensional work mimics the unraveling nature of the drawings with the implication of imminent collapse.

Isaiah King explores prints, paintings and drawings in pursuit of an ongoing study of the human form in all its complex emotive facets. His work with graphic design encourages public discourse on social and political issues. Niki Kriese embraces tasks that are seemingly bound to fail and accepts the vulnerability of being wrong. Her interest lies in the futility of containing the ineffable, of portraying the glint of chemistry, and of recognizing traces of the absent.

Kendrick Mar investigates childhood emotions. The darkness of these primal feelings is expanded upon with humor and pathos.

Nicole Parcher creates lively and curious environments through the exploration of mark making and materials. The jumbled landscapes hum with a chaotic harmony, much like the world we live in. Parcher’s work extracts from the notion of drawing and collage and applies it to painting, thus narrowing the gap between them.

Red Vinyl is an instrumental, electronic rock collaboration between Kathryn O’Shields and Jeff Mapua. Their sound is a fusion of church organ, hair-metal guitar solos, 80’s keyboard riffs, and hip-hop beats.

Scrote is ”...looped and tweaked live noise guitar mixed with random acts of reckless sonic abandon…often multi-speakered performances that explore live spaces by moving soft sweeping sounds through combative thunderous explosions for an audio interplay from corner to corner…”
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