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Selections from Pilliod Records

Morgan Lehman Gallery
535 West 22nd Street, 6th floor, 212-268-6699
August 13 - August 28, 2009
Reception: Thursday, August 13, 6 - 8 PM
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Morgan Lehman presents Selections from Pilliod Records, a group show featuring woodblocks and monotypes printed and published by the collaborative workshop under the same name.

The name Pilliod Records comes from the focus and determination to record the artists’ time with the shop and produce a record/archive that is referenced in the artists’ main body of work.

A successful print project is determined by the artist using the print or the translation of their marks into print media to inform and/or affect their primary artistic output, subsequently bringing what he or she has learned in and out of the artist’s prints over the years. Time spent in collaboration gives both artist and printmaker the chance to be around for the “ah hah” factor of art making: the light bulb turning on over the artist’s head. Printmaking is often a breath of fresh air into an artists’ working process and the content of their work.

- Brian Pilliod

The above approach to printmaking/publishing is wholly determined by an artist’s willingness to participate in, and accept, the often rigorous and time-consuming process of creating a print.

Michael Reafsnyder, Todd Hebert, Judith Linhares, Hubert Schmalix, Wayne White, Mu Pan and others have been willing to explore and devote their time to this kind of collaboration. They have all allowed both our monotypes and woodblocks to influence their main body of work, as well as inform their artistic output.

Selections from Pilliod Records is curated by Brian Pilliod. Brian would like to thank the directors and staff at Morgan Lehman.
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