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The Solid and the Sublime

Crossing Art Gallery
136-17 39th Avenue, 212-359-4333
Queens Misc.
October 8 - November 22, 2009
Reception: Saturday, October 10, 4 - 7 PM
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Crossing Art is pleased to present The Solid and The Sublime, Works by Takeshi Hamanaka, Lin Shih Pao, Liu Yonggang and Zhao Yi. The exhibition brings together the works of four Asian Contemporary artists using solid materials that inform interpretations of the sublime.

The juxtaposition of the worldly and other-worldly within the artworks intends to draw connections between how we define the solid, both in the physical and the metaphysical, and how we define the sublime. It attempts to bridge the gaps between the tangible and identifiable (material/solid) with the abstract and magnificent (meaning/sublime).

In this exhibition, Liu Yonggang carves black Chinese granite into three-dimensional calligraphy sculptures creating his own renditions of traditional Chinese ‘characters’. Takeshi Hamanaka reveals physical manifestations of sentiments through his works on bronze sculptures. Zhao Yi encapsulates the yin and yang of Dao and searches for the harmony between heaven and nature in mixed media works. Lin Shih Pao’s Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage, Human Harmony series reflects the most profound concepts of Asian philosophy, namely a deep sympathy for human beings and an appreciation of the value of the union of humans and nature.
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