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Geometric Progressions

Edward Thorp Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue, 6th Floor, 212-691-6565
September 24 - November 6, 2010
Reception: Friday, September 24, 6 - 8 PM
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Edward Thorp Gallery is pleased to present Geometric Progressions, an exhibition comprising eleven painters, working with geometry in Abstraction.

Patrick Brennan Rosanna Bruno EJ Hauser Jenifer Kobylarz Stephen Mueller Craig Olson Paul Pagk Andrew Spence Jered Sprecher Natasha Sweeten Lynne Woods Turner

This exhibition will examine how the geometric be it in its use of surface, light, symmetry, color, form, rhythm and symbol, informs contemporary art practice.

Each artist in this exhibition has developed a unique relationship to geometry while succeeding in extending its traditional vocabulary. While some of these artists feel that the grid still expresses the situation best, others argue for a more dislocated experience. All works are executed with intellectual curiosity and seriousness, merging the personal into the preconceived tropes of geometric abstraction.

The artists selected in Geometric Progressions present contrasting approaches and a diversity of practice is in evidence. Some combine methods that juxtapose painting with object and drawing such as Patrick Brennan and EJ Hauser. Others as Andrew Spence and Lynne Woods Turner state a more rigorous geometry with art history as mediator. Meanwhile, Rosanna Bruno plunges brushstrokes into illusionistic depth while Paul Pagk’s imaging operates as both matter and sign. Natasha Sweeten and Jenifer Kobylarz create formulations of color, form and process with subtlety and lyricism. A vision tending more towards introspection and the idiosyncratic can be found in Craig Olson and Stephen Mueller’s meditations. With intuitively pitched paintings that fall between the hard-edged and the organic, Jered Sprecher completes this dialogue of artists collectively resisting a singular approach to geometry.
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