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Judy Simonian

Edward Thorp Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue, 6th Floor, 212-691-6565
January 14 - February 19, 2011
Reception: Friday, January 14, 6 - 8 PM
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Edward Thorp Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Judy Simonian.

Judy Simonian’s compositions are hallucinatory renditions of landscapes that defy all spatial logic. The artist’s unpredictable and complex works remove the realms of distinction between internal and external space. Locales invariably mutate, merge or collide, and what should be clearly defined becomes fluid. Hers is a process of accumulation where surfaces are built of layered imagery in a complex combination of gestural painting and stenciling and collage. She builds her settings layer upon layer, each added element further pushing the boundaries of perceived space. Thin layers of oil paint ripple with the translucence of water, thereby creating an atmosphere of corrosion and corruption. Simonian’s rich surfaces contrast geometric fields of hard-edged abstraction with highly rendered details to create an uncanny play between flatness and three dimensionality.
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