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Fall Classic: Remembrances and Ruminations on the Precipitous Declines of Our Sporting Heroes

Melody Weir
507 West 24th Street, 212-367-9093
October 21 - November 1, 2005

Fall Classic is about a generation of athletes that fell from grace, from Darryl Strawberry to Pete Rose to Mike Tyson, and a generation of children who grew up worshipping them.

For his first show, curator Christopher Isenberg, who wore a Yankee uniform almost exclusively from ages four to seven (1977-1981), has recreated a version of his childhood bedroom. The installation documents his early fixation on professional sports with vintage photographs, shop class juvenalia, and fallen athlete memorabilia from his personal collection. In establishing how deeply professional sports penetrated his young consciousness, Isenberg creates space to explore the imprint that the falls of his heroes continue to leave on him and his peers.

Isenberg uses the bedroom as a contextual backdrop both to present his own new work - t-shirts, altered and embellished vintage sportswear, and mock advertising - as well as work that he has collaborated on with other artists, including a series of Mike Tyson inspired pen and ink drawings and colorized prints by Mickey Duzyj.

Christopher Isenberg (a.k.a No Mas) was born and raised in New York City and attended Stanford and Oxford University. He resides in Brooklyn.

Mickey Duzyj was born in Detroit and attended the school of Visual Arts. He resides in Brooklyn. This is his first show.
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