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Art for Change
1699 Lexington Avenue, Lower Level, 347-804-8336
August 6 - October 22, 2011
Reception: Friday, August 5, 7 - 11 PM
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MILLENNIAL YELL! August 6 – October 22, 2011 Art for Change, 1699 Lexington Avenue, Lower Level, New York Opening Reception: Friday, August 5, 7:00–11:00pm Live music by Jesse Ricke & refreshments!

Art for Change is pleased to present Millennial Yell!, featuring artists Maryann E. Auguste, Aileen Bassis, Clare Kambhu, Rowena Keaveny, Dato Mio, Junior Manon, Laimah Osman, Julio Salgado, and Sasha Sumner, plus retail shop by Scope Urban Apparel, which aims to empower and educate, promoting literacy, critical thinking and an open mind by creating outstanding, original, and quality clothing. “Millennial Yell!” explores the distinct characteristics of a new wave of revolution sweeping across the globe sparked by youth of the Millennial generation. What do Tahrir Square and the DREAM Act have in common? Egyptian youth organized a revolution using the Internet, while thousands of youth launched a social media campaign to pressure U.S. Congress to pass the Dream Act. The “Millennials,” the last generation born in the 20th century, have been characterized by technological savvy, informed passion for public service, and collaborations towards pragmatic solutions with measurable goals over idealist visions. How are the youth of the Millennial generation redefining revolution and activism? How will reported preference for individual action among this generation rather than participation in traditional political platforms impact our future political system? How will this sea change of communication affect connections between nations and their diaspora or erosion of border?

GALLERY HOURS: Saturdays 1-5pm, or by appointment: 212-348-7044

MEDIA INQUIRIES: [email protected]
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